The Best Way to Lose Weight

I am definitely not the only person I know who has gained weight since my school years. Those were nearly 15 years ago, and life has gotten a lot more complicated. That was one of the factors in my weight gain. It seemed everyone I knew who had gained weight though was successful in losing some of it, at least. I had tried several different ways to lose weight, and it was just not happening. A friend of a friend told me she had used meal replacement shakes for weight loss, and it was the only thing that had helped her.

I had heard of weight loss shakes before, but I really did not know anything about them. She looked amazing though, and while it was hard, I was able to recall what she looked like before the weight loss. That alone was motivation for me to go ahead and try this for myself. I was not sure which one to try, so I went to a website that literally broke down all of the different meal replacement shakes and gave the skinny on all of them, pun intended.

There was one that really piqued my interest. It is called Vega One Nutritional Shake, and the main reason why I wanted to try this particular one over the others is because it is certified vegan. Now, I am not a vegan at all nor am I a vegetarian. I do love a good steak, and I could never go without cheese. I knew that the vegan lifestyle was perhaps the healthiest one though, so it just made sense to go with that one, especially after reading all of the positive things about it. There are only 170 calories in each one, and they are more filling than I would have ever imagined. The great part is that they work, because I am already down three pants sizes!