We Located Some Luxury Apartments for Rent in Arlington VA

We have always been ones to support our daughter in anything she tries to do. She has been very successful academically, yet she was very nervous about a new job offer over in Arlington, Massachusetts. It is not that far away from home, but she was concerned. There was the rent, being away from home and so much more. She went to school close to home, so she never had the dorm or college apartment experience. We helped her look for an apartment for rent in Arlington MA. We wanted her to have a nice place with secured building access. We fully planned on footing a portion of her rent costs for a nice place even though she never hinted at wanting any money.

We know she would have gotten a place to fit her current budget and just move a year from now when she got a promotion. We showed her the Arlington 360 apartments, but she told us how it was not in her budget. However, it was just the place she needed to be at. The Minuteman trail was right there for her to jog on everyday, there was garage parking, the building access was controlled and there is a cyber cafe and fitness center on site. Plus, they have a really nice swimming pool. We surprised her with our plan to pay part of her lease for a couple of years. She was super happy about being able to move into such a nice place for her first apartment.

We are impressed at how well she decorated her place. It is really nice with its granite countertops, tiled bathroom and stainless steel appliances. Her dad and I were talking how we would not mind living in such a nice place ourselves. Everything inside and out was kept really nice and tidy. It was the perfect choice for a place for our little girl to live.