Moving to Arlington to a Town Home Not Far from Where I Work in Cambridge

I got a new job promotion and had to tell my wife and kids that my new boss wanted me to work in Cambridge. None of us wanted to move, but we really needed the upgrade in income that this job would provide if we were ever going to be able to send our kids to the colleges they wanted to go to. We looked for apartments for rent in Arlington MA that is only a few minutes away from Cambridge. We found the Arlington 360 apartments, and the kids were trying to give us an ultimatum that they would only move if we moved there. Well, my wife and I kind of liked the place too. Who are we kidding? We really liked the place.

It is a brand new apartment complex that also has town homes. We decided to get one of the available town homes as it would be well within our housing budget for my new job. Plus, my wife, who is a nurse practitioner, can pretty much get a job anywhere she wants. We like having a pool to swim in, and the kids really like the playground. The town home is very nicely appointed with a kitchen I never thought we could get for the price we are paying for the lease. Plus, everything is new, the kids have their own rooms, and this is not some old rundown place. The whole community is smoke-free, and we really like that. No more passing smokers huddling outside of buildings.

The kids say they never want to move again. I am with them on that, and so is their mom. This is a really nice place to live in Arlington, Massachusetts. My commute to Cambridge for work is less than a half hour. That’s better than the hour I used to have to spend driving into work each day.